Chronicling my coding adventures

I’ve been dabbling in trying to learn how to program off and on for a few months now, and I know that starting a site and keeping track of my progress to share with my others will be a motivator for me.  Here’s to a new beginning!

My experience with programming:

I’ve been doing editing of HTML and CSS with WordPress sites (and even earlier with Geocities and Tripod) for many years.  I’m fairly good at editing existing code but not great at authoring new things.  I created my first website at 14, which was an anti-horse slaughter website.  From there, I’ve made blogs and various sites and mostly Googled my way around anything code-related, but have never been someone who “knows how to code”.  In 2007 I landed my first job in the video game industry as a Community Manager for a startup that allowed anyone to build their own virtual world or game.  I taught myself a little bit of scripting by trial and error along with using code snippets from our developer wiki.  The script was based on Lua and was the first time I’d done anything aside from editing web code.  Since then, I’ve been dabbling in HTML editing off and on in various jobs and I’ve gone through some of the JavaScript and Python courses on Codecademy, but I need more.  I’m not able to quit my job and move to another city for 8-12 weeks to do a programming bootcamp, so I’m going to learn via various online means.

Getting started:

Tonight I signed up for a Skillshare class called Teach Yourself to Code: One Month Rails that sounds really interesting.  I like that it’s project oriented and that the very first project involves me getting the terminal all set up and downloading and installing Ruby and Sublime Text.  This already makes this feel more practical than learning syntax at Codecademy.  I’m excited to see where this takes me, and hope to get as far as I can with this course this weekend.


One thought on “Chronicling my coding adventures

  1. Hi Tami! I love that you’re doing this! I am also learning to code part-time via online resources, and I’ve really enjoyed reading through your progress. You’ve inspired me to start writing about what I’ve been working, too! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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