I’m still here!

Long time no talk.  Real life happened and things have been crazy around here so I took a break from writing on this blog.

When I last blogged here, I was trying out Team Treehouse.  I’m still slowly working my way through it though I have to be honest that I’m not an enormous fan of it.  I mean, what it’s trying to teach me is fine but I’m finding that the quiz and code snippets way of learning just doesn’t teach me the ‘hows and whys’.  I just basically cram for the tests and then forget all the knowledge.  Also, the videos are SO CHEESY.  At first I found it charming but now I’m just irritated with it all.

I switched now to doing Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails Tutorial and I’m loving it so far.  It’s teaching me way more about the way things work.  In fact, it’s basically like the Skillshare One Month Rails course that I was doing before, except more in-depth.  I’m feeling like I’m actually learning with it instead of just going through the motions and following tutorial steps.

I’m struggling to come up with a project idea that I want to make to test my application of my knowledge.  I have a few small ideas but nothing I’m really excited to build.  Once I get a good idea I know I’ll run with it and charge ahead, but it’s the ideas I’m struggling with right now.

Anyway, back to the Rails tutorial. 🙂